Welcome to My Anime Duos! 

Actually, you can find other songs here, too.

But first...

Hello there!

I am a hobby pianist and transcriber from Hungary. I have been playing the piano for more than 15 years now.

First I started transcribing anime songs that I could not find anywhere on the internet, but later I ended up covering all type of songs. I played most of the duets at my concerts with friends.

I really enjoy transcribing music and I try to cover a lot of songs when I have some free time. I am not a professional transcriber, but I am trying my best to make the transcribed songs sound good.

I always put up sheets later, but all of them will be available after some time, as I can finish them. I don't really take requests anymore, but if there is a song you would like to hear, just comment it under one of my Youtube videos. I do not guarantee that I will make it due to my lack of time, but I will try.

♥!!! Since I do it for fun I do NOT accept any money for transcribing, all of my sheets are free to download and learn. But please DO NOT modify and reupload any of my arrangements! I have worked a lot on them. Thank You! !!!♥

I hope you can find my covers useful. Have fun and enjoy playing them!

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