Welcome to my anime duos! 

I have been playing the piano for 10 years now, and I admit I like the anime songs much better than Beethoven or Bach =D
It's annoying when I can't find any of my favorite sheets on the internet especially since there are a lot of sites with sheet musics. Last summer I started composing a bit and tried some musics turning into a piano duet or simply play them by ear. Then a few of my own works were done so I decided to create this site and upload them, so anyone can learn them with their friends. =)
 I played all of them with friends, not every of them are easy but with much practice you can learn it by heart.
Enjoy! =) 
The solos I transcribe are usually those that I couldn't find anywhere on the net.

 In plan: Fairy tail  - Vampire Knight Op 1 (Duet)

                          - Hunterx hunter ending 2


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